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5 Things You Can Sand with a Black and Decker Mouse

Ugh, sanding… it is probably one of the most hated DIY jobs around the home. However, if you sand properly before you decorate, the result will be far better than it would have been otherwise. Sanding can level out uneven patches, get rid of roughly-filled areas, and bring back the detail on paintwork that has had countless layers of uneven paint applied to it over the years. We currently have… Read More »

Would You Welcome This Mouse into Your Home?

No one wants to see a mouse in their home. But we’ve found one we think you might like. I know – you probably think I am going mad. A mouse is not easy to get rid of once it has found its way into your home. But honestly, this is not a mouse you will want to see the back of. We tend to do a lot of DIY… Read More »

Will You Win the Most Practical Cleaning Tool Around Today?

Most of us hate cleaning, so it makes sense we’d want to find ways to get these jobs done as quickly as we can. Even the smallest spillages can be a pain to clear up, so if you’ve got tools you can use to get them sorted in less time, that can only be a good thing. Sometimes, a cloth will do for a wet spillage. But wouldn’t it be… Read More »

Pivot With Ease Thanks to Black and Decker

First, we had manual screwdrivers and aching hands, not to mention the odd bruised knuckle. Then, we had electric screwdrivers and sighs of relief. Now, we’ve gone one better, with the pivoting handle screwdriver. If you do a few DIY jobs around the home from time to time, you’ve probably found yourself in a situation where you haven’t been able to fit your screwdriver in the small gap you’re faced… Read More »

Hurry Up and Get a Mouse!

Okay, okay, I know… who on earth would want a mouse? But this is no ordinary mouse. This is a Black and Decker Mouse. Ah, you say… THAT kind of mouse. What sort of mouse? Well, unless you happen to be experienced in the DIY arena, you may not be familiar with a mouse that isn’t attached to a computer or to a long virtually hairless tail. This mouse is… Read More »