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How Much Pointless Trivia Do You Know?

Are you the type of person who comes out with lots of obscure facts about things no one else knows? Are you the person who always says, ‘Did you know…?’ only to follow it with something no one else has heard of? How sure are you of those facts? If you’ve ever watched the TV show Pointless, you will know how the game works. The idea is to think of… Read More »

How Much Do You Know About TV and Movies?

More than you think? Do you know the answers to numerous TV trivia questions? Can you answer the most obscure questions about famous movies? Now is your chance to prove how much you do (or in my case don’t) know about the best of TV and Movies. There is nothing like a board game to bring the whole family together or to make things competitive among friends. The Best of… Read More »

Are You a Property Dealer?

Not a real one, of course, but would you like to see how good you might be in that field? There is no risk to your cash, no chance of losing out, and every chance you could beat your entire family and finish with more money than anyone else. You didn’t think I was talking about real property developments, did you? No, I’m talking about something far more important. I’m… Read More »

Can You Articulate Your Life?

How good are you at talking? If you can hold your own in conversation and you love nothing better than regaling people with some of your funniest stories, Articulate Your Life could just be the best board game you have ever played. I do love a good board game, and this one is a sister title to the original Articulate game. If you played that, I think you will enjoy… Read More »

Nothing on TV? Play This Board Game Instead

You’ll see the irony in that title when you realise the board game in question happens to be The Best of TV & Movies. Even if you’re one of those people who think board games went out with the Ark, you might change your mind when you get a closer look at this one. It’s up for auction here at BidGrid right now, so if you have a moment to… Read More »