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3 Reasons Mooncandles are Safer Than Regular Candles

Have you thought about entering our Mooncandles auction yet? If not, now is the ideal time. We have a set of Mooncandles available to send to the person who has chosen the lowest unique bid on our auction when it ends. If you’re wondering whether these could prove a good alternative to regular candles, read on. There are three smart reasons why they are far safer. 1: they’re pet-friendly If… Read More »

Are Remote Controlled Candles Better Than the Real Thing?

Remote-controlled candles… it sounds like a bad joke, doesn’t it? It sounds like an April Fool item put up for sale, only to be pulled at midday when the joke is revealed. But that’s not the case. These candles do exist. Better yet, we have a set of these candles up for grabs in one of our latest auctions. Will you put in a few bids to see if you… Read More »

Candle Safety is a Breeze When You Use Mooncandles

Ever heard of Mooncandles? Neither had we until we found these. Lots of people love candles, but there’s no doubt they can be dangerous. I’ve read stories of house fires starting because the sun came in through the window, set light to a candle and that was that. It sounds unlikely, and thankfully the stories I read were focused on small fires that were put out. But you just never… Read More »