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Fancy a Panini for Lunch?

Now that idea has made me hungry. Paninis are great – designed to be grilled and warmed, ideally with cheese inside that goes all gooey and melts over everything else (tuna, in my case). But unless you head for a famous coffee chain, making your own paninis isn’t as easy as it looks. Before now, it has meant toasting the outsides of the panini halves under the grill, before flipping… Read More »

Time to Get Grilling (or Griddling!)

Have you ever been in a nice coffee shop and seen those wrapped paninis stacked up ready for sale? They look superb and I find them hard to resist. Better still are the ones they will grill for you and serve hot at your table. What better way to enjoy your coffee than to have one of those grilled paninis to accompany it? It’s almost impossible to recreate those tasty… Read More »

How Low Could a Winning Bid Be?

That is a great question, and it is one that many people want the answer to when they start finding out more about our website. Some people believe it is impossible to win an item for just a penny. Yet you need only check our completed auctions page to see this isn’t the case. Just recently, one lucky bidder placed a successful bid of a penny to win a set… Read More »

From Darkest Peru to Paddington…

Peru is a long way for a bear to travel, especially when he ends up at Paddington Station in London with nowhere to go. Fortunately, the Brown family took him in, and the rest is history. It turns out Paddington is a very old bear, having appeared in his first story – A Bear Called Paddington – in 1958, written by Michael Bond. He doesn’t look too bad for 60… Read More »

How Far Could You Get with a £5 Bid Pack?

A fiver. It doesn’t appear to have much value nowadays, does it? However, it can go a lot further than you think, especially when you use it at BidGrid. As you probably know, our smallest bid pack is worth £5. This is a popular pack for many of our members, especially those who have just joined and want to try bidding on some auctions without investing a lot of money… Read More »