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Exchange to Credit Wins Now Processed Automatically

We’ve been hitting you with plenty of great BidGrid news recently, and we have another update for you here too. As you may know, winners of our auctions have a choice to make: Pay the winning bid to claim the item they have won Exchange the item for cash Exchange the item for bids The bid exchange value is generally a little higher than the cash option. In the past,… Read More »

Do You Fancy Grabbing Some Free Bids?

Who wouldn’t like to grab a chance to add some bids to their account without having to make a deposit to do so? Well, that’s exactly what our lucky winners can do at the moment with our new free bid offer. This applies to winners of auctions where the sale price is at least £50. So if you are lucky in one of our future auctions and you put in… Read More »

Do You Keep BidGrid Open in Your Browser?

This is something you may not have thought about before. However there are plenty of reasons why you may want to check back with the BidGrid auction site more often than you do at the moment. With this in mind we’ve put together a number of reasons you can consider to persuade you to come visit BidGrid a little more regularly. Do you indulge in any of them already? Stay… Read More »

New Free Practice Auctions At BidGrid!

  We’re excited to announce the arrival of our new free to bid practice auctions! Our free practice auctions now work just like our other regular auctions. Only they feature a quicker 3hr countdown timer and each auction will end when either 500 bids have been placed or the timer runs out. You can only place 5 free bids on each of these auctions, so place your bids wisely. As… Read More »