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What’s the Number One Thing to Do When You First Join BidGrid?

There are lots of things worth doing when you first decide to join us. For starters, it’s a great idea to have a look around. You can access most of our site without joining or logging in, but once you’re inside the site you can access your account information. From here, you can view your details, payments, and auctions. But that’s not what I had in mind. When you first… Read More »

MP3 Players: Not Just for Music

If you are as old as me (ahem…), you’ll remember when the fabled Sony Walkman came out. I had one, and the idea of popping in a tape cassette and being able to walk around and listen to music was amazing. Now, we have MP3 players that are far more versatile and can carry more than just your favourite album. But if you thought MP3 players were only good for… Read More »

Are You Looking to Upscale?

Upscaling could mean many things, depending on the topic you’re talking about. But in this case, we’re focusing on DVD players, and more specifically, an upscaling DVD player. We happen to have one of these up for auction now, and while it looks good and is the same slimline-style design you’d expect from a modern DVD player, the upscaling part may still have you puzzled. (It did me, until I… Read More »

What Could YOU Do with a 3-in-1 Blender?

I bet you’re wondering if you even need one, aren’t you? But hold on a minute – a blender is one of those kitchen gadgets you never need until you actually have one. I know. I was hooked once I bought ours, and to be honest I do wonder what I did before I got it. The good thing is you could be the lucky person to find out very… Read More »

Get Styling with This Silver Auction Item

As you may already know, our auctions are now divided into gold, silver and bronze items. The auction we’re highlighting here is for a BaByliss 12-in-1 Multi Styler, and if you’re lucky enough to win it, it will count as one of the three silver auction wins you could have this week. Now doesn’t that count as a good deal? You’ll soon see why the term ‘multi-styler’ is used here,… Read More »