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Did You Know You Can Filter and Boil Your Water in One Go?

No, neither did I. Not before I spotted the Morphy Richards Brita filter jug kettle, anyway. It made me wonder why no one thought of this earlier. We’ve got a kettle much the same size as this one. We also have a large water jug with filter in the fridge door. That takes up so much room we end up storing the milk on its side in the main part… Read More »

Reasons to Start Bidding This November

Can you believe November is just around the corner? I’m not sure where October went, but I know most of it has now disappeared behind me. The dreaded word (Christmas!) is now pressing at the back of my mind. As I write this, there are just over eight weeks to go until the big day comes around once more. I know, I know – it sounds like ages, doesn’t it?… Read More »

Get Kitted Out for Your Next DIY Project

  If you decided to tackle a DIY project next month (or even on the next Bank Holiday), would you be prepared? We all know the frustration that comes with wanting to get started on a project, only to find we don’t have the tools we need to get it done. So why not get ahead of the crowd today and put in a bid or two on this Bosch… Read More »

What Is a Bridge Camera?

  If you’re into your photography the chances are you may already have heard of the bridge camera. On the other hand you may be wondering if this is a special camera designed just for photographing bridges. Of course that’s not the case. It’s actually the name given to a type of camera that fills the gap between the basic point-and-shoot camera and the more advanced SLR, or single-lens reflex,… Read More »

Bid Early or Bid Late?

  Tactics – do you use them when you bid on an item at BidGrid? Some people do, while others simply pick a few numbers and hope they get lucky with the lowest unique bid without any effort at all. In fairness you can win a main auction item (or a £1 bid pack in one of the free auctions) by getting lucky when you pick your chosen bid amounts.… Read More »