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Can You Articulate Your Life with this Board Game?

Board games are still incredibly popular, even though we’re surrounded by the internet and the modern gaming industry. They’ve survived in an era where many believed they’d vanish, and they continue to thrive today. If you are good with words, this sister edition to the original Articulate game is just the thing to liven up your next party or get-together. Articulate Your Life is a frantic, entertaining, challenging, and might… Read More »

5 Unusual Things You Should Know About BidGrid Online Auctions

There is plenty you should know about bidding on our online auctions. You can certainly find out a lot of information simply by reading through the various areas of our site. However, it is easier to find everything in one place. That’s why I’ve put together a few useful points for you here, so you can see the essential things you need to know about taking part in BidGrid online… Read More »

Did You Know You Can Filter and Boil Your Water in One Go?

No, neither did I. Not before I spotted the Morphy Richards Brita filter jug kettle, anyway. It made me wonder why no one thought of this earlier. We’ve got a kettle much the same size as this one. We also have a large water jug with filter in the fridge door. That takes up so much room we end up storing the milk on its side in the main part… Read More »

Reasons to Start Bidding This November

Can you believe November is just around the corner? I’m not sure where October went, but I know most of it has now disappeared behind me. The dreaded word (Christmas!) is now pressing at the back of my mind. As I write this, there are just over eight weeks to go until the big day comes around once more. I know, I know – it sounds like ages, doesn’t it?… Read More »

Get Kitted Out for Your Next DIY Project

  If you decided to tackle a DIY project next month (or even on the next Bank Holiday), would you be prepared? We all know the frustration that comes with wanting to get started on a project, only to find we don’t have the tools we need to get it done. So why not get ahead of the crowd today and put in a bid or two on this Bosch… Read More »