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How Do You Use Your Bid Allowance?

If you have been around the BidGrid site for a while, you will know we have imposed a limit on the number of bids a single user can make in any individual auction. You can place up to 35 bids on each one, with a limit of 10 bids per row if you wish. That means you can cover up to half the bid amounts on a single row. We… Read More »

Get More Than Five a Day for the New Year

Ah, January… a long, long month for many of us. It’s also a month where we often feel bloated after the excesses of Christmas and the New Year celebrations. After polishing off the Christmas pudding, Christmas cake, and chocolates, it’s natural to want to progress to a healthier way of eating to welcome in the New Year. For many of us, that means cutting down on the processed food and… Read More »

Get Your Game on with a Charging Cradle for XBOX Controllers

How many times have you settled down for an XBOX session only to find the batteries for your wireless controllers were dead? There is nothing more frustrating, especially since it inevitably leads to a hunt around the house looking for replacement batteries. By the time you’ve found some – assuming you even do – the urge to play has often disappeared. The XBOX has got the better of you without… Read More »

Did You Know You Could Win an Auction with a Penny Bid?

If you have visited BidGrid before, you’ll know the lowest bid you can make on an auction is a penny. However, it doesn’t mean that will be the winning bid. If someone else bids on the penny amount, it will render that amount non-unique. The next highest unique bid will be the winner. So, is it possible that you could win an auction with a penny bid It absolutely is,… Read More »

How Many Bids Are Used to Win Auctions?

Have you ever wondered how many bids it might take to win an auction at BidGrid? The obvious answer is it depends. Some auctions are won with far fewer bids than others. It is possible to win with just one bid, but the odds would be longer for that. Unless of course you were the only person to bid on it. Believe it or not, that has happened! Every user… Read More »