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Should You Try the Same Amounts on the Grid in Every Auction?

Our grids are always the same. In every auction we run, we give you a grid with 20 positions running horizontally across the screen and 15 positions vertically. That means you have 300 potential spots to bid on when trying to win an auction. Of course, most auctions see a concentrated mix of bids placed at the lowest end of the bid amounts. Everyone is trying to win the auction… Read More »

Do You Use Lucky Numbers When Bidding?

Lucky numbers. Many societies have a history of lucky numbers, some more prevalent than others. In Chinese culture, the number eight is said to be the luckiest number of all. In other cultures, the number seven is thought by many to be lucky. Conversely, many people hate the number 13. It is often omitted from the floor numbers of buildings and doesn’t always appear as a room number either. Beyond… Read More »