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Minecraft: Explore or Create a New World Today

Most of us have a creative side, even if we don’t often express it. We tend to think of creative people as those who write, take photos, paint, or sculpt. Yet if you have ever played Minecraft or similar games, you know you have a creative side too. Our Minecraft auctions are always incredibly popular. We have lots of people trying to win a copy of the Minecraft game, and… Read More »

Build It and They Will Come?

When I was a kid, I played with almost nothing but LEGO. Then came computer games, albeit long after I grew up. The better technology became, the better the computer games got. Nowadays, interactive games, multiplayer games, and 3D games are all familiar to us. So, it would seem like a step backwards to head into the world of Minecraft, wouldn’t it? After all, the blocky look of the images,… Read More »

What Will You Make of Minecraft?

If you’re late to the party, as I was, you may only just be starting to realise the extent of the phenomenon that is Minecraft. According to one source, Minecraft had sold over 54 MILLION copies for all platforms by 2014. No doubt that figure has skyrocketed even higher since then. But why is it so popular? After all, it doesn’t look the same as many other computer and console… Read More »

What is the Appeal of Minecraft?

  The eagle eyed among you will have noticed a current live auction for Minecraft, suitable for the Xbox 360. The cost per bid on this is a mere 14p so it is worth looking to place a bid or two in the hope of winning. I have to admit I have never got the hang of this game. My nephew is crazy over it and encouraged me to play… Read More »