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How Much Pointless Trivia Do You Know?

Are you the type of person who comes out with lots of obscure facts about things no one else knows? Are you the person who always says, ‘Did you know…?’ only to follow it with something no one else has heard of? How sure are you of those facts? If you’ve ever watched the TV show Pointless, you will know how the game works. The idea is to think of… Read More »

4 Advantages of Using a Cordless Screwdriver

Do you own a cordless screwdriver? If not, you may be wondering whether they’re worth buying. While you do need to keep it charged, so it’s ready for action when you need it, there are lots of advantages to having one around. 1: they’re faster than a regular screwdriver Even if you only need to put one screw into position, it takes just seconds to complete the job with one… Read More »

Get Some Bidding in Between the Mince Pies This Christmas

As you already know, BidGrid never closes its doors. That holds true over the festive season as well. No doubt you have plans for Christmas, but you will also probably have some time to relax and watch some cheesy festive films, and munch your way through too many mince pies. I’m guilty of that too, in case you were wondering. Not so much the festive films, but the mince pies… Read More »

Check Out the New and Improved BidGrid

If you’ve been a member of BidGrid for a while, you may already be aware we’re always looking to improve your experience with us. That’s why we have just added win limits for every member. Now you might be wondering how putting limits on accounts can possibly enhance the experience you have with us. Many players might already know the answer to this one. For a while now, some players… Read More »

Everest: A Tale of Two Expeditions

  Everest. Everyone knows the name. Everyone knows the mountain. And you may even know some of the stories associated with it. Now there is a film inspired by the true story of two expeditions that attempted to reach the summit. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Josh Brolin, Sam Worthington and Keira Knightley, this film has already garnered excellent reviews from many of those who have watched it. And we have a… Read More »