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Grab a Bargain for Christmas: Bid on this Bottle of Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet Today

If you’re familiar with how things work here at BidGrid, you will know we guarantee you can get a bargain from us… win or lose. That applies to this smart, eye-catching bottle of Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet for Men too. Here’s the deal – this bottle usually retails for £47.50. Our price is just £35.99. That price is available to all those who take part in this auction and don’t manage… Read More »

Try Some Tactical Bidding in the Final 12 Hours of an Auction

Most people have a few techniques or patterns they use when placing bids on our auctions. The trick is to try and get the lowest unique bid – the lowest one that doesn’t have any other bids placed on it. If you are the first to bid in an auction, you might decide to bid on the lowest 10 amounts. However, if you are bidding in the final hours of… Read More »

Understanding the Different Types of Online Auctions

  If you’ve browsed the internet in search of online auction sites you’ll probably already be aware there are several types available. Understanding the differences between the various auctions available is a good idea for obvious reasons. You’ll be able to choose the type that appeals most and understand what the potential outcome could be as well. Here are three of the most familiar and most popular online auction types… Read More »

The Advantages of a Touchscreen Laptop

  A few years ago no one had ever heard of a touchscreen laptop. The idea of having anything with a touchscreen would have been weird indeed. Now though we’re all used to the idea of touchscreen tablets and phones. So the idea of a touchscreen laptop suddenly doesn’t seem quite so strange. Personally I think I’d find it a bit odd to start with, since it would be very… Read More »

Slow Slow Quick Quick Slow…

  Well it’s hard to believe that we’re now in 2015. January is well under way and just flying by. It can be a busy time for a lot of us as we try and get back to normal after the festive season. It’s good to slow down a bit and put your feet up sometimes. That’s why I thought I’d draw your attention to this smart Morphy Richards slow… Read More »