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Meet the Greatest Showman

Well, not in person, but you can find out more about him if you bid on this auction. The Greatest Showman is a film based on the famous P.T. Barnum, and it has received rave reviews from many people. Hugh Jackman (yes, Wolverine himself) shows he has another notable string to his bow in this film, by taking on the role of Barnum in a musical that ‘celebrates the birth… Read More »

From Darkest Peru to Paddington…

Peru is a long way for a bear to travel, especially when he ends up at Paddington Station in London with nowhere to go. Fortunately, the Brown family took him in, and the rest is history. It turns out Paddington is a very old bear, having appeared in his first story – A Bear Called Paddington – in 1958, written by Michael Bond. He doesn’t look too bad for 60… Read More »

Will You Bid on a Christmas Gift This Year?

Bidding on Christmas presents isn’t the kind of thing you’d usually think about, is it? But when you’re a member of BidGrid, it is worth checking our page of live auctions in case there is something there that would make a great gift for someone you know. Now, I know what you are thinking. Only one person can win each auction. That is correct, but even if you don’t win,… Read More »

Keep Your Knives Sharp with a Universal Knife Block

Some knife sets come with their own knife block, specifically designed to keep them all sharp and within easy reach on the work surface. However, some knives are purchased individually, perhaps because they’re expensive, or because this allows you to buy only the ones you need. If you’re in this situation, and you have knives but no knife block, you may be wondering where best to keep them. You could… Read More »

What Would You Do with a Cordless Vacuum?

Do you ever struggle to move your heavy full-size vacuum cleaner around? I know I do, and trying to vacuum the stairs with it is even worse. We have a compact vacuum with an extending tube on it that is supposed to reach everywhere. Yet we still end up with an obstinate and heavy vacuum sitting at the bottom of the stairs… and the tube is never quite long enough… Read More »