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How Far Could You Get with a £5 Bid Pack?

A fiver. It doesn’t appear to have much value nowadays, does it? However, it can go a lot further than you think, especially when you use it at BidGrid. As you probably know, our smallest bid pack is worth £5. This is a popular pack for many of our members, especially those who have just joined and want to try bidding on some auctions without investing a lot of money… Read More »

Admit It: Do You Still Play With LEGO?

  Ah LEGO… I have so many happy memories of bugging my mum and dad to let me open one (just one) Christmas present early so I could play with some new LEGO on Christmas Eve. That’s how passionate I was about the stuff. Even today I can’t resist getting involved if one of the kids in our family breaks out a new LEGO set and needs some help putting… Read More »

Get to Grips With Rubik’s Cube!

  I remember when Rubik’s Cube first hit the headlines in a big way. While it originally came out as the plain old Magic Cube in Hungary in the late Seventies, it wasn’t until 1980 that it was reborn as Rubik’s Cube. I was a kid at the time and I remember buying one on holiday in Cornwall that year. I clearly remember taking it out of the packaging and… Read More »

Are You Ready to Enjoy BidGrid in 2015?

  Whenever we start off a new year it’s quite usual to both look back on the one that has just ended and forward to the one that is about to get underway. It’s quite common to do this in different areas of your life too. We’ve certainly been doing that a lot at BidGrid HQ recently. As you will know if you’ve been an active member on our online… Read More »

Steam into the New Year

Okay so we know that is a bit of a pun and a play on words. But we also know that January happens to be the month when a lot of us try to get rid of the extra pounds we put on over the festive season. The best way to do this is the old fashioned way – to eat less, eat more healthily and to get more exercise.… Read More »