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Hurry Ending Soon! Are You Going to Place any Last-Minute Bids?

When you visit our active auctions page, you’re likely to notice a few things. Firstly, there are often 20+ auctions taking place – live auctions you can bid on now. Secondly, some of those auctions have less time to run than others. We use a series of coloured banners on our auction items to indicate which ones are finishing soon: Green banner – indicates those auctions with less than 24… Read More »

Have You Got a Fitbit Yet?

  You know, I never thought I was one of those people who went in for fitness equipment. With that said though, not all fitness-related equipment is the same. A few months ago I discovered Fitbit and their range of activity trackers, and it is safe to say I am hooked. I’ve got the original Fitbit Zip, a tiny little thing you barely notice – and yet it logs everything… Read More »

Do You Have a Docking Station for Your iPad?

  Plenty of people have a smart phone of one brand or another nowadays. Many of them also have a docking station of some kind to make charging it easy. When I get home from work each day, my phone goes into its little charging dock so it goes back up to full charge (and by then it’s usually in need of it). The problem is if you’ve got an… Read More »

Admit It: Do You Still Play With LEGO?

  Ah LEGO… I have so many happy memories of bugging my mum and dad to let me open one (just one) Christmas present early so I could play with some new LEGO on Christmas Eve. That’s how passionate I was about the stuff. Even today I can’t resist getting involved if one of the kids in our family breaks out a new LEGO set and needs some help putting… Read More »

How Closely Do You Look at Finished Auctions?

  I think I might already know the answer to this one. The chances are when an auction ends you check to see if you were the lucky winner who chose the lowest unique bid for that item. If you were, it’s time to celebrate and to decide whether you want to cash-in the item for money, or whether you want to wait to have it delivered to your door.… Read More »