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Points to Consider When Choosing a Pattern to Help You Place Your Bids

We’ve spoken about pattern bidding on our tips page. This is the process of choosing certain bids that form a pattern on the grid. For example, you might begin with a bid on the 1p amount, choosing to proceed with bids placed at 10p intervals. So, you would then bid on 11p, 21p, 31p, and so on. There are some points to consider here though. For example, will you keep… Read More »

How to Use a Bidding Strategy to Increase Your Odds of Winning Auctions

How do you choose where to place your bids when you take part in our auctions? Everyone does things differently, but there are lots of methods you could use to get your bids into play. Some people go for lucky numbers, some act on gut feelings, and others play by a strategy. Bidding strategies come in various guises. You can learn more about these on our tips page. This provides… Read More »