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Will You Bid on a Christmas Gift This Year?

Bidding on Christmas presents isn’t the kind of thing you’d usually think about, is it? But when you’re a member of BidGrid, it is worth checking our page of live auctions in case there is something there that would make a great gift for someone you know. Now, I know what you are thinking. Only one person can win each auction. That is correct, but even if you don’t win,… Read More »

Can You Still Win an Auction at the Last Minute?

All our auctions run for three days, so you have plenty of time to consider how many bids you want to place if you spot an auction you’re interested in. However, you may be wondering if it is worth placing some bids if you see an auction that is entering its final stages. Firstly, it’s worth mentioning we add a message to auctions that fall into this category. If an… Read More »

A Major Reason to Start Bidding on Smaller Auctions at BidGrid

We’ve got a lot of active bidders at BidGrid – people who regularly come to the site to bid on one or more of our auctions. However, there are also a few who signed up a long time ago who took part in auctions to start with, but then disappeared for a while. This is pretty common among all auction sites. However, if you’ve come back for a visit for… Read More »

Bidding On Items You Want To Buy: A Good Strategy For Penny Auction Sites

  While penny auction websites don’t always operate in exactly the same way, some of them will offer you an opportunity to buy items you haven’t managed to win in an auction. It is these sites that are the best ones to focus on, providing of course you check they are legitimate and well-run before you start. Penny auctions are run in different ways, but the idea is to pay… Read More »

Do Your Research Before Using Penny Auction Sites

  By now most people will be familiar with penny auction websites or ‘pay per bid’ sites as they are also sometimes known. If you are keen to have a go on one of these sites it makes sense to understand the definition of a penny auction first. The idea is that everyone who bids on a particular item available for auction makes the price of that item increase by… Read More »