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How Often Do You Treat Your Feet?

Hmm, what a question. Honestly, though, do you ever give your feet much thought? I know I don’t unless I get a blister, or they start aching because I’ve been on them all day. We ask a lot of our feet and yet few of us do anything for them in return. We thought we would change that. How to get rid of hard skin on your feet Our bodies… Read More »

Score a Huge Saving on This Item No Matter What Happens

There is always a chance to bag a significant saving on auction items if you win them. Yet sometimes, you get the chance to save a huge amount even if you lose out on the auction. You might wonder how that works. Let me show you. We’ve got a great auction running now for the Velvet Smooth Express Pedi from Scholl. This is a great item to have if you… Read More »

Do Your Feet Need a Treat?

When you think about it, our feet put up with a lot during the average day. If you’re active, you might walk miles in the average day, or you might have a job that involves a lot of standing. Even if you sit down for much of the day at work, you’ll still be walking for some of it. And there might be the long stand home, so to speak,… Read More »