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Do People Always Bid on the Lowest Amounts on the Grid?

There are a few questions that sometimes crop up when people are getting used to how BidGrid works. Most of the answers to any questions you might have can be gleaned from our website. The following links might be useful, for example: How it works FAQ Tips You will find all those in the main header bar near the top of every page. You can also learn plenty from viewing… Read More »

Admit It: Do You Still Play With LEGO?

  Ah LEGO… I have so many happy memories of bugging my mum and dad to let me open one (just one) Christmas present early so I could play with some new LEGO on Christmas Eve. That’s how passionate I was about the stuff. Even today I can’t resist getting involved if one of the kids in our family breaks out a new LEGO set and needs some help putting… Read More »

Are You Ready to Enjoy BidGrid in 2015?

  Whenever we start off a new year it’s quite usual to both look back on the one that has just ended and forward to the one that is about to get underway. It’s quite common to do this in different areas of your life too. We’ve certainly been doing that a lot at BidGrid HQ recently. As you will know if you’ve been an active member on our online… Read More »

Did You Miss Out On Something Popular?

  We know it can be frustrating. You spot something on a BidGrid auction you really like the look of, you place a bid or two but you don’t win it. Of course the good news is you can always buy any item if you aren’t successful in placing the lowest unique bid, thanks to our buy it now feature. Any bids you’ve placed are knocked off our already discounted… Read More »

Don’t Forget to Pay Us a Visit Over the Festive Season!

  Here at BidGrid we have always got a wide range of auctions ending throughout the week – every week. This means it is still worth visiting our website even when Christmas finally arrives (and let’s face it, it’s not too far off now anyway). We all like to enjoy some downtime over the festive season, taking time off work and making sure we can make the most of seeing… Read More »