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Could BidGrid Help You Find a Gift or Two this Christmas?

Oh no… I said the forbidden word. And it’s still only October! In my defence though, the shops have had festive cards and gifts out for over a month now. And it doesn’t hurt to spread the cost and start shopping early, does it? You’ve probably never thought of BidGrid as a possible source of festive gifts. However, while many of our winners receive prizes they go on to use… Read More »

How Far Could You Get with a £5 Bid Pack?

A fiver. It doesn’t appear to have much value nowadays, does it? However, it can go a lot further than you think, especially when you use it at BidGrid. As you probably know, our smallest bid pack is worth £5. This is a popular pack for many of our members, especially those who have just joined and want to try bidding on some auctions without investing a lot of money… Read More »

How Many Bids Are Used to Win Auctions?

Have you ever wondered how many bids it might take to win an auction at BidGrid? The obvious answer is it depends. Some auctions are won with far fewer bids than others. It is possible to win with just one bid, but the odds would be longer for that. Unless of course you were the only person to bid on it. Believe it or not, that has happened! Every user… Read More »

Need a Top-Quality Micro SD Card?

Not all SD cards are created as equal, as you are about to discover. I used to think they were, but since I lost data from a couple of cards, I decided to upgrade to something a bit better. If you go shopping for a memory card, there are a couple of important elements to think about. Firstly, you should consider the amount of data it can hold. The higher… Read More »

5 Great Perks to Bidding on Our Auctions

Every day, loads of people are bidding on our auctions. Sometimes, someone might sneak in and grab a prize in an auction that gets only a few bids. Other times, there is a lot more competition for the items involved. But in every case, there are lots of advantages to taking part in our auctions at BidGrid. We’ve listed just five here, because we believe there are many more. The… Read More »