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Do People Always Bid on the Lowest Amounts on the Grid?

There are a few questions that sometimes crop up when people are getting used to how BidGrid works. Most of the answers to any questions you might have can be gleaned from our website. The following links might be useful, for example: How it works FAQ Tips You will find all those in the main header bar near the top of every page. You can also learn plenty from viewing… Read More »

Exchange to Credit Wins Now Processed Automatically

We’ve been hitting you with plenty of great BidGrid news recently, and we have another update for you here too. As you may know, winners of our auctions have a choice to make: Pay the winning bid to claim the item they have won Exchange the item for cash Exchange the item for bids The bid exchange value is generally a little higher than the cash option. In the past,… Read More »

What Are the Advantages of a Maximum Bid Limit per Person?

  If you’ve been using BidGrid for a while you’ll know we’ve made some changes to the site recently. Previously there was no limit on how many bids an individual could place on any one auction. We’ve now removed this feature and every user will now have an opportunity to place a maximum of 50 bids on each individual auction. Furthermore you can only place 10 bids at the most… Read More »

Ready for a Spot of Scrabble Over the Festive Season?

  Ah, I can almost picture it now. After a hectic Christmas morning stuffing the turkey, peeling the sprouts and perhaps even finding time for a drink or two, it’s time to enjoy the festive meal before falling asleep in front of the television. Oh hang on – I meant to say, it’s time to enjoy a family game or two (and I’m not talking about pass the washing up,… Read More »

Are You Steaming Ahead with Your Ironing?

  Okay hands up who likes irons? That’s what I thought – not too many hands up there I’m sure. I’m willing to bet there would be even fewer hands if I asked how many of you love this particular household task. While it’s never likely to rank in our top five favourite tasks, ironing is one of those things we have to accept and get on with. You can… Read More »