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5 Unusual Things You Should Know About BidGrid Online Auctions

There is plenty you should know about bidding on our online auctions. You can certainly find out a lot of information simply by reading through the various areas of our site. However, it is easier to find everything in one place. That’s why I’ve put together a few useful points for you here, so you can see the essential things you need to know about taking part in BidGrid online… Read More »

No Membership or Subscription Charges at BidGrid

Is this the first time you have visited BidGrid? If so, you might be wondering what the catch is. Can you really win auctions with a top price of just £3 for each item? Are the bids as low as shown on the auction pages? And is the site as easy to use as it looks? Well, the answers are as follows: Yes Yes Yes! We work on a pay-as-you-go… Read More »

What Would You Do With £15 of Bids?

That’s the question you should ask yourself now, because we are offering a £15 bid pack to the lucky bidder who places the lowest unique bid on the auction that is live even as you read this. at the time of writing, the auction still had over two days to go, so that gives you ample time to put in a few bids. So… what WOULD you do with that… Read More »

Get Kitted Out for Your Next DIY Project

  If you decided to tackle a DIY project next month (or even on the next Bank Holiday), would you be prepared? We all know the frustration that comes with wanting to get started on a project, only to find we don’t have the tools we need to get it done. So why not get ahead of the crowd today and put in a bid or two on this Bosch… Read More »

Get to Grips With Rubik’s Cube!

  I remember when Rubik’s Cube first hit the headlines in a big way. While it originally came out as the plain old Magic Cube in Hungary in the late Seventies, it wasn’t until 1980 that it was reborn as Rubik’s Cube. I was a kid at the time and I remember buying one on holiday in Cornwall that year. I clearly remember taking it out of the packaging and… Read More »