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How Do You Use Your Bid Allowance?

If you have been around the BidGrid site for a while, you will know we have imposed a limit on the number of bids a single user can make in any individual auction. You can place up to 35 bids on each one, with a limit of 10 bids per row if you wish. That means you can cover up to half the bid amounts on a single row. We… Read More »

Challenge the Family to a Game of Monopoly this Christmas

  Board games come out during the festive season even if they don’t for the rest of the year. When the whole family gets together for Christmas dinner, a good board game can be the ideal thing to play afterwards. Yes, maybe accompanied by some mince pies. We decided to put some board games up for auction this week, to help you with your plans for entertaining family and friends… Read More »

3 Areas to Explore in Your Account

When you become a member of BidGrid, you’ll see you have an account area to access once you’ve logged in. This will reveal your details (you can change them by following the instructions if you wish), your payments, and your auctions. It’s the latter area we’re going to look at here. This area is split into three sections: My auctions My practice auctions Bid history The two auction areas make… Read More »

Is It Really Possible to Save Up to 99% if You Win an Auction?

The very short answer to that is yes, but that would make an incredibly short article. So, let’s expand on the topic. We know a lot of people who are new to our site do tend to wonder if they could win something at such a steep discount. There are several points to note here. No two auctions are the same. So, you must bear the following points in mind… Read More »

Bid Early or Bid Late?

  Tactics – do you use them when you bid on an item at BidGrid? Some people do, while others simply pick a few numbers and hope they get lucky with the lowest unique bid without any effort at all. In fairness you can win a main auction item (or a £1 bid pack in one of the free auctions) by getting lucky when you pick your chosen bid amounts.… Read More »