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How Many Bronze Auctions Will You Take Part in This Week?

Bronze auctions have proven to be very popular at BidGrid. If you are new here, you may not realise there are weekly win limits in place. These can be found towards the top right of the site on any page you visit. You’ll see you can nab five bronze auctions per week. That’s plenty for most people. You can also scoop three silver and one gold auction win per week,… Read More »

Auctions Are Always Fair at BidGrid

Have you ever taken part in online auctions and felt as though you were never in the running? That’s something we have worked hard to change here at BidGrid, and since introducing our own win limits some time ago, plenty more players have been hard at work winning our auctions. It’s always worth reviewing the win limits in case you’re not familiar with them, and of course, if you’re new… Read More »

Welcoming New Winners to BidGrid

Has it been a while since you explored the BidGrid site? If so, you may have missed out on our big news: We’ve now added win limits to the site to ensure everyone has a fair chance of winning several auctions each and every week. This occurred early in September, and since then we’ve been delighted to congratulate some new winners who haven’t managed to scoop any prizes before. We’ve… Read More »