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How It Works

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Step By Step Guide

Step 2
Bidding reduces your purchase price in case you don’t win.
Step 3
See your position in the auction here.
Step 4
When the timer runs out the lowest unique bid wins.
Step 1
Click an amount on the grid to place a bid.

The Bidding Process

Bid Statuses

Unique Bids

All unique bids are displayed as green. If you are the first person to place a bid on any amount then that is a unique bid and will be displayed as green. If another person places a bid on the same amount it wil then be displayed to both people as red because neither of those bids are now unique.

Non-Unique Bids

Any bids that are not unique are displayed as red. All amounts that have received more than one bid are not unique and have no chance of winning an auction.

Winning Bids

The winner will be the person who has placed the lowest unique bid ( the lowest amount that has only one bid ) when the auction has finished. The winning bid will be displayed as orange, and will be visible to everyone once the auction has finished.

Winning Bid Example

In this example all bids placed on £0.01, £0.02 and £0.04 are not unique ( red ) because more than one bid has been placed on each of these amounts. The bids placed on £0.03 and £0.05 are both unique bids ( green ) because these amounts have only received one bid each. Out of the unique bids £0.03 is the lowest amount so this person has won the auction having placed the lowest unique bid of £0.03.

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