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Bidding Tips

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BidGrid auctions do not have to be left down to pure chance. The winner of each auction may not have placed the most bids, but instead might have used the best strategy.

Below are 3 basic techniques that can be used to improve your chances of winning an auction. These techniques can be adapted or further developed to suit your specific style, and give you an even greater chance of winning.

Bid Grid

Pattern Bidding:

The pattern bidding technique is best used early. Having several unique bids will give you an indication later in the auction, of where other bids may be placed. You should place multiple bids at regular intervals early on in the auction. The number of bids you place, the bid pattern and spacing of the bids is entirely for you to decide.

In this example on the right we have selected 12 bids at £0.12 intervals ranging from £0.04 up to £1.36

As the auction progresses you will be able to see on the leader board where other peoples bids fall in relation to each of your pattern bids. This will then give you a very good indication of either, where the current lowest unique bid is, or any free bid amounts.

Aggressive Bidding:

Aggressive bidding is a tactic based on knocking out other peoples unique bids, rather than trying to place new unique bids yourself. This technique involves pushing your way to the top of the leader board. Aggressive bidding is most effective when used in conjunction with pattern bidding.

For example, if we have a bid at £0.28 which is 2nd on the leader board and another bid at £0.52 which is 4th on the leader board. From this we know that the lowest unique bid is placed between £0.01 and £0.28 which is a possible 27 bid amounts. As we have also used the pattern bidding technique above, depending on how our
£0.16 and £0.04 bids
have performed we
could reduce these 27
bid amounts down to
perhaps 12 possible
bid amounts.

Forced Winning:

Using up the remaining bids when you are the lowest unique bidder, and the auction has almost ended, is known as forced winning. This approach can be risky. Always consider the number of bids left in an auction against the number of bids you have ranked at the top of the leader board, before trying for a forced win. If you have only one or two bids ranked at the top of the leaderboard and there are a lot of bids left, then this can be risky. If you have four or five bids at the top of the leaderboard and there are only ten or fifteen bids left then it could be worth trying to use them all up to force a win.

And Finally...

Finished auctions will show where particular bids were placed on the grid. This could be useful to know for future auctions.

BidGrid auctions are fun and exciting. Please set yourself limits and play responsibly.

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